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Explore the possibilities for a future in the past! An archaeology degree can open doors to all kinds of careers, and at the University Archaeology Day you can find out everything you need to know about studying this exciting subject.


The event is designed for prospective students, teachers and parents to learn about the many degree programmes on offer across the UK, to discover the huge range of career opportunities that an archaeology degree can lead to, and to hear about some of the latest archaeological research.


Most of the top archaeology departments will be represented in our display area, along with a range of organisations that promote the subject and employ archaeology graduates. There will also be a full programme of talks and activities covering application tips, careers advice, and a wide range of archaeological topics including some of the latest finds and cutting-edge research.


Archaeology is a very broad subject that combines arts, humanities and sciences and is great for developing a mixture of academic and practical skills. Come to the University Archaeology Day to find out what an archaeology degree can do for you!

Archaeology - University Archaeology Day

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